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PR Education Solution a well-known, reliable and utmost trusted name in the education and migration industry for providing excellent service, is teamed up with qualified, experienced and professional education and migration agents to provide executive outcome. Our professionalism, commitment, integrity and updated knowledge about the relevant law, regulation and policy have helped us to gain the trust from our clients in a very short timeframe.

We do represent the world class Australian universities, higher education colleges and many institute in Australia in order to guide our aspiring clients to reach best possible academic heights upon their academic merits and financial capacity.

We provide one-to-one consultation to have the clear understanding the client’s situation and circumstances while maintaining the confidentiality of your information. This will help to us to guide you towards achieving the best outcome.

Our team has long experience in guiding you to choose right courses at the right education provider at the right time upon the available information, which is inevitable for passionate person to advance career in right profession. Our services are not limited to assisting you for education endeavor, but also for migration and career development in Australia. We believe only right advice can ensure your return for investment on education.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia, one of the highly urbanized nations is a global education powerhouse with best-in-class facilities. Australia has always been at the forefront of education, technology & innovation. Every year, more than 100,000 students choose to study here for quality education that is valued all over the world. Here, most of the educational institutions are inspected by the Ministry of education on regular basis. Plus, it is mandatory for all education providers to impart practical and standardized education. This gives you a big advantage! Employers from different corners of the world hunt to hire candidates from Australian universities.

Australia has a versatile & safe environment, affordable education and no discrimination on any basis. It is a magnificent nation with a democratic legislature and offers numerous options for quality study. Another notable advantage of studying in the country is international students can legally work during their free time. Thus, you can start earning early and bear your cost of living! You get a good practical exposure along with the theoretical knowledge and this is what that makes real difference. Australia also encourages the eligible applicants to settle here permanently, depending upon your choice.

All-in-all, you get a good education, world class facilities and right path to settle down in life at an early age!

What is Australian Education System?

Australia has an integrated quality education system backed by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) – national policy for qualifications across the schools, vocational and higher education. Like most of the countries, Australian education system is broadly classified into 2 categories as:

Primary school
Secondary school
Tertiary education

Vocational and Technical Schools

In Australia, there are many schools providing technical and further education (TAFE) & vocational education and training (VET). They offer different kinds of courses such as short courses, certifications and diplomas. Basically, they focus on training students in a specific field to help them embark on a bright professional career. They include:

  • Secondary schools offering VET programs.
  • Community learning centers
  • Commercial trainers, usually run by a company
  • Training departments of service enterprises
  • Field-specific Training departments

Completion of courses from accredited Australian schools helps students get admission and exemption for higher education comparatively easier. As per the local regulations and migration law, students here require different subclass of student visa for different levels of studies.


Higher Education

Australia has 38 public & 3 private universities and many private higher education institutions that offer the best education. The course syllabus is set by the university itself. Few Undergraduate (UG) & Postgraduate (PG) courses are:


UG Courses:

  • Bachelor Degree (General) – 3 Years
  • Bachelor Degree (Professional) – 4 Years
  • Graduate Diploma – Half to 1 Year
  • Bachelor Degree + Honors - 4 to 5 Years

PG Courses:

  • Master by Coursework – 1 to 2 years
  • Doctoral Degree – 3 to 5 Years
  • Master by Research – 1 to 2 Years

Note: International visa holders (students) are required to study full time academic load during the session hours.

20 Hours study a week equals to full time academic load in Australia.
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